sacred burial - sjamanistisch ritueelINTO THE  JOURNEY

with Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck


Residential 4 day Shamanic Intensive

September 15-18 2016

We feel honoured to welcome international teachers Jonathan Horwitz & Zara Waldebäck to teach their beautful work at the Anam Cara centre.







Video: Jonathan Horwitz geïnterviewd door Roel Crabbe




  For your inspiration: Read "The Power of Blessing" by Jonathan & Zara




INTO THE JOURNEY intensive: Deepen the heart of your shamanic practice with Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck

On this course you will develop your shamanic journeying skills, learn to work more powerfully with your Spirit helpers, deepen your trust and commitment, and discover new possibilities for helping both yourself and others.



Strengthen the heart of your shamanic practice.


The journey to the Spirit world and the relationship to the Spirits is the heart of the shaman’s practice. When this heart is strong, it gives strength and clarity to all aspects of shamanic work, whether it is healing and empowerment, community ceremony, nature magic or living a spirit-led life.


When we first meet the Spirits and begin to practice, we often have powerful experiences but it is not always easy to see how to bring them back to our lives to make a lasting difference. This course helps you to deepen your relationship with your Spirit Guides and Helpers and take the next step, wherever you are on your shamanic path.




Deepen your connection with the Spirits


When you grasp the tools of the shamanic drum journey in a detailed and disciplined way, you enter into an apprenticeship with the Spirits and gain more appreciation of both the skill and mystery of the journey. The apprentice shaman keeps a beginners mind and continues to explore the ways of the Spirits, gaining experience, understanding, knowledge and trust.


Working specifically with the drum journey, on this course you will learn more about how the Spirits communicate and how to understand what they say. We will look at how to use the journey in everyday life and formulate clear and powerful intentions that are meaningful and practical.




Experience the full depth of the Shamanic Drum Journey


You will receive guidance on how to prepare well and practice the drum journey so it is strong, focused and well held. We will also show you how to “read” the journey and receive its deeper teachings, to help you to better understand the language of the Spirits.






Receive deeper teaching on Into the Journey.


Though the main focus is on the shamanic drum journey, in this extended version of the course we will also spend some time in nature.


You will learn how to take the knowledge and practice of journeys into the world and read the signs the Earth shows us when we walk with intention and attention.


There will also be time for sharing and asking questions about shamanic practice and your personal path with the Spirits. This way of working will help to integrate your shamanic practice into your everyday life, so you can feel connected not only while on a workshop or in a drumming group, but walk with Power wherever you are. It will help you to see more clearly and listen more deeply, both to yourself, the world and the Spirits.





The course is designed to strengthen your practice and inspire your work, no matter if you are new on the shaman’s path or if you have walked it for years.



Please note: All participants must have completed introductory course "The Shaman's Journey" or a "Basicursus Sjamanisme" or an agreed equivalent.




Video: "Connecting to Life and the Living World" with Jonathan Horwitz & Zara Waldebäck 







Peggy Dylan  

Jonathan Horwitz

Jonathan has been working with shamanism since 1972, and has a master’s degree in anthropology. In 1986, he founded the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies together with Annette Høst and has been teaching internationally ever since. Jonathan is known for his grounded, present and warm teaching style. He has travelled extensively, and from 1984 to 1993 he worked with Michael Harner as a teacher and field researcher at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. Jonathan is a frequent contributor to Sacred Hoop magazine and is European Editor for Journal of Shamanic Practice. He lives and practices with his partner Zara in the woods of southern Sweden at Åsbacka.



Peggy Dylan  

Zara Waldebäck

Zara has been working shamanically since 2005, and joined the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies team in 2010. Originally from Sweden, Zara spent nearly 30 years living in the UK, where she trained with a range of different spiritual organisations. As well as teaching shamanism and working as a shamanic counsellor, she has helped to set up and run the International Shamanic Community. She is also a writer and filmmaker, and has published two books on creative writing. She has a deep interest in the role of story as a spiritual and healing tool that helps us to hear the Spirits and connect to magic. She lives and practices with Jonathan at their retreat center Åsbacka, in southern Sweden.


Practical Information & Registration

Jonathan Horwitz & Zara Waldebäck
Date: Thursday September 15th 5pm, until Sunday Sept 18th, 3pm (2016)
Venue: Anam Cara spiritual centre - Belgium

Price Tuition: 350€ (not including accomodation)
    > Earlybird Discount: 325 € Tuition if you register and pay before July 15th

+ Costs for Accommodation: 165 euro for accommodation in own tent or Yurt-dorm
                                                             + our delicious vegan meals & snacks & drinks
                                                OR 120 euro if you have your own accommodations & breakfast.

Language: English (translation to Dutch possible if we have enough requests)
What to bring: A list of what to bring will be mailed to you one month prior to the workshop.

For questions you can contact us through our Contactpage

Your reservation is completed after registering here and the payment of the full amount on the account of 'Roel Crabbe - Anam Cara: IBAN: BE64 5230 8047 8652 - Bic: TRIOBEBB
Include " Into the Journey + your name" when making payment.


Registration form "Into the Journey " with Jonathan & Zara




E-Mail adres
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Street + number


Postal code + Town




Telephone number


(Please only register if you have experience in working with the shamanic drum journey)

I have done "the Shaman's Journey" with Jonathan & Zara
I have done "Basiscursus Sjamanisme" with Roel
I have trained with another teacher in working with the shamanic journey and want to discuss may participation.

Where will you sleep?

I will sleep in the Anam Cara yurt (shared sleeping space)
I will bring own tent
I will take care of my own sleeping place and breakfast (only lunch and dinner at Anam Cara)

Number of participants
(List names if you are coming with more people!)


Extra questions or suggestions




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