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Peggy over Initiation


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Peggy Dylan  

Sundoor’s Peggy Dylan is known for her illuminating presence, flowing love and compassion in waves that flood your body and mind with an unquestionable energy of transcendence.

A pioneer in motivational and leadership trainings since 1976, Peggy's work and insight catapulted the firewalk to national attention as a leading edge tool for human development in 1982. She continues to be a premier authority on this dynamic process.

Publications have called her a practical mystic as she combines spiritual insight with down to earth and practical tools

Peggy has the uncanny ability to allow participants to grasp a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and being, which propels them into personal and professional success and a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in being alive.




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"Within SUNDOOR we heal! Under Peggy Dylan’s care we meet ourselves with honesty. We can go to those places within us that we have avoided for so long and begin to heal the hurt. We re-build ourselves and we get glimpses of our true brilliance. Before long those glimpses become our reality! I have seen myself and countless others begin to loosen the grip on what was holding us back and embrace a new way of living....we learn to love ourselves. We learn to extend care to others. We learn what it is to truly live! Peggy Dylan is truly a master of our time; she weaves her clear vision and wisdom, humour, incredible skill and unconditional love through her teachings in a way that causes massive change to happen deep within others. When you are with Peggy you feel truly, truly loved and in very safe hands! All the SUNDOOR staff come from the same place of deep care, compassion and the most sincere place of wanting YOU to happy! SUNDOOR will help you to change your life and keep the magic flowing now and throughout all of your days. A blessing indeed!"

Emma-Jane Harrington

"Initiation has been the beginning of a magical and deeply transformative journey for me. Peggy teaches a path of the heart and of deepest joy with impeccable integrity and dedication to every student. I feel loved, supported and nourished in her presence which has helped me to shine light into challenging and unloved places inside of myself, to unfold towards my true nature and grow into a more joyful, fulfilled and compassionate being.
At Sundoor I have touched the divine through the magical tools of breathwork and fire walking and been touched by the spirit of community.
Thank you!"

Eva Weaver

"Dear Peggy, to me you are my spiritual mom. I love you x"

Yvonne Stams

"life before SUNDOOR and now is like night and day !! I am eternally grateful to Peggy and SUNDOOR for holding the vision of me that I didn't even dream possible and for nurturing that vision until I actualized it ! SUNDOOR provides a fine array of practices and methods that support healing and boundless positive possibilities in life. If you want lasting change, deep transformation and a new way of being that works SUNDOOR is the road to travel. xxx"

Jules Harrington

"Peggy Dylan is the most profound teacher of personal transformation I have met, her capacity to hold you in a safe and loving way is beyond measure, she has so much powerful compassion, wisdom, experience and methods to pull you from your pain and your limitations into your full capacity and joy. Sundoor is a strong and vibrant community, a family, holding, sharing, teaching and playing together in service and in love. Peggy brings in many gifted and wonderful teachers to her workshops, and the blessings never end, she is dedicated and devoted to her path which she invites all to join, to dance and to shine. The teachings and the guidance offer a permanent transition into your true and bright self, without judgement or control, she encourages you to make actual all that you may have ever dreamed of and then she invites you to dream bigger, share all you have learned and spread your wings and soar."

Fiona Jones

"Dear Peggy, you simply changed my life completely. Initiation, my first one, was in 2005, in Italy. I learned to conenct with my inenr self, I learned to think differently, how to switch off the left brain, and to swich on the right brain, I learned how to trust my heart, to open it step by step, and even more important, I learned how to follow my heart! I found deep inner peace, happiness and unconditional love along this amazing journey since then. And Initiation was the most important step to start this journey. During all these eight years, I made many fundamental decisions in my life, in almost all areas, I learned to trust me, to follow my journey, to keep hinest to myself and my completely changed values.
Also, it was essential, that I could make my first initiation with my lovely husband Michael - we weren't married without this deep process, that helped us to let go many unsaid fears, old behaviors and patterns that didn't serve us any longer. So, we both are deeply grateful for this experience, and even if I made and make much more along the journey, Michael is always on my side, as the greatest and best supporter ever.
Love, grace, gratitude, open hearts, inner peace and happiness - all that changed my life significantly for the better.
Along this journey, I found my unique role on this planet as a gate keeper between assumed different worlds, I started to write blogs, to express myself, to change what needs to be changed at the workplace, in the world, with animals and much more..."

Tamara Schenk


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"Where do I start? I remember being that person that Michael Burdick described. Full of anger, full of hate, and pushed people away. People don't even know me anymore.
I remember saying out loud at my first retreat with Peggy Dylan that I didn't want people to ever say they loved me because I knew that meant that they were going to hurt me.
Over time, after spending time and learning from Peggy, my heart has healed and opened. I'm not afraid to love, but more importantly, I'm not afraid to be loved. And most importantly, I have been able to love myself more and more as time has gone by. My PTSD has mostly healed and my life is unrecognizable to what it was before.
To say I'm grateful just doesn't encompass what I feel. For the first time in my life I feel grounded, I feel loved, I can love others and love myself. At times I find myself singing Believe it or not, Hilarious, right? But I found myself humming it just this morning."

Gabriel Haaland

"You all make me cry.Reading your thoughts and love of Peggy and the work and eachother. Full of gratitude to be part of this amazing shanga. Honesty love and care. I became part of the shanga she created so we are not alone anymore, as a lot of us felt alone for so long, we can reach out to eachother and the image we keep in our minds of the leanring days and ways we spent together help us through difficult times. Testimonia : Since initiation I have a sense of belonging, which before I never had. Due to a lack of love and care in an abusive childhood. Peggy creates with tender love and compassion a workshop that teaches to love al aspects of life and most important love yourself. The program is carefully designed to unravel hidden patterns that stopped you from being your true nature. And heals old pain. So you can emerge as a happier and free person. The fire symbolized every new step you make to overcome old stuff and create new goals. You can make all this new steps in a very safe environment. A lot of the teachings can be used at home. It stays with you, your hole live. In Peggy I found a teacher beyond imagination. Loving, caring, funny, strong, sensitive to needs of orders. She showed me that the spiritual path is one of compassion and love. As she is a wonderful example and one of the kindest human beings I ever met. Initiation changed my life and that of many others into beauty and it keeps growing every day since."

Lisan Lauvenberg

"I enrolled on Sundoor's Fire Initiation training as a curious sceptic 
This was ten years ago, since meeting with Peggy Dylon I have changed my life completely. I travel the world as a speaker, facilitator and work shop leader. I have developed programs which have received direct government funding. Non of this was thought possible prior to working with Peggy Dylon and Sundoor"

Graeme Pyper

"For me its a no brainer...simple.....Without Peggy and Sundoor ...I wouldnt be on this physical plane.....life saving!!!!!! Love you Peggy xxx"

Stu Ferguson

"I do not think I can put into words how much I love you Peggy Dylan, just thinking of you brings me to tears with love and gratitude. Similar to what Michael Burdick & Gabriel Haaland &Stu Ferguson were saying I do not think I would even be here if it were not for you Sundoor & Lendrick. My life has changed from night to day & I am living the life of my dreams, the job of my dreams, the husband, friends & bosses of beyond my wildest dreams. I did not know love like this was possible. I am forever in your debt. My vow is now to live my life in service to the beloved (Sundoor & Lendrick), myself & Dave. "

Ellen Liddell Blain

"Peggy is a wonderful spiritual teacher and I will be forever grateful for having her in my life"

Silvana Matteo



"I'll try my best to keep it to a "few sentences" ... Because of you and Sundoor, I am completely changed. I was angry, full of hate, wanted nothing to do with other people, was very against anyone coming into my personal space, ... just about as anti-social as a person can be. I didn't much care about peoples feelings, I was mean and cold ... and worst of all, I thought it was funny. Now I am about as full of love as someone can be. I love my community and my tribe. I want to do all I can to make people happy, to help, to comfort, and am always up for a hug. I'd say that's a pretty immense shift. "

Michael Burdick

"Initiation is an experience that allows a person to expand BEYOND with both feet firmly on the ground. It comes from the soul and lead souls back to it. Are you looking for something real? THIS IS IT!"

Annemarie Bläss

"Sundoor is like the pranic tube allowing life-force to flow from the Infinite into your heart, mind and body. Peggy Dylan leads and teaches with the heart of a Wise Woman, the mind of a scientist, and the Grace of the Creator, allowing each student to grow at the pace that they are willing. If you're called to become a better version of yourself, then Initiation is the place to begin."

Kat Naslas

"Peggy & her glorious work through the SUNDOOR have changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. Imagine the most perfect vision of how life can be, multiply it by a million fold & you still won't be anywhere near to comprehending the infinite possibilities of who you/we can become. Peggy Dylan endeavours always to bring those infinite possibilities into our everyday way of being, she see's who we are & who we are truly meant to be. SUNDOOR is life at its best, there is nothing else like it!!!!"

Shona Sullivan

"Peggy taught me how to BE a human being, how to rest in the center even though my body was restless. Peggy has modeled to me that which I want to be in the world, how to hold space for MYSELF to grow, explore and evolve and in turn learn how to hold space for OTHERS. Our Sundoor sangha family has taught me how to love, how to let in and certainly has been witness a thousand times to me learning how to let go. Peggy has taught my cells to fizzle with energy in the face of fear and taught my legs how to stand strong and let my power be seen. and together they have taught me how to be me and what that actually means. Thank you xx "

Ro Harstad

"Without my experience at the Sundoor Firewalk Initiation Training in 2003, I would not be doing what I am doing today - pursuing a new career as a minister in a liberal faith tradition. It is because of the physical healing that I experienced during that training - wherein my life force, which had been locked out when I nearly died 15 years before, came streaming back into my body - that I connected to the Divine in a way I never had before. "

Charlotte Lehmann

"Initiation is a life-changing experience . You emerge from it as a different person and your life starts to unfold in a way that can't be imagined. Sundoor is refinding yourself and your soulmates who are following similar paths. It's homecoming."

Silvana Matteo

"Sundoor, and especially you Peggy, have helped me to slowly and gently open my heart and not to be afraid to express my spiritual nature. I have also learned how amazingly easy it is to get to 'God' through breath. Best love to you Peggy and wobbles be gone...XX"

Maz Low